Save Money With A New Variable Speed Pump!

When you had your swimming pool constructed you were thinking about all of the fun time together with the family, relaxing in the spa..and then your first electrical bill arrived…WHAT!

Today’s pools often have water falls, spas, and even fountains. Each adding to the cost of running your pump and filtering your pool. In fact, your pool circulation pump can be wasting as much as 90% of the energy consumed if you have any brand of single speed pump/motor combination.

But relax…we have you covered with the “state of the art” variable speed pumps available now you can save up to 90% on your electrical bill...seriously!

These pumps can circulate the average backyard residential pool with as little as 240 watts/hour! They are amazing, replacing the old style pool pump which could easily consume 2400 watts and more per hour.

So the question is…what are you doing to take advantage of these incredible energy savings and to lower your monthly electrical bill?

Pay For Themselves?

These efficient pumps are the single smartest decision you can make on your pool as you are already paying more than the equivalent cost in your monthly electrical bill. In most cases, these pumps will completely pay for themselves through their monthly savings in as little as 18 months…and can save thousands of dollars over the course of their life.

The only other pool energy saving device that even comes close is a solar pool heater and this efficient pump is a small fraction of the cost of solar heating.

We are energy experts and can show you ways to use this technology on your pool and reduce your monthly bill starting immediately.